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ALIRIZAUSTA  TRAILER is a fusion of many years experience and expertise in the production of semi-tanks. All the equipment of European origin, including completing. During the production of this brand uses only advanced technologies. The company is engaged in delivery of semi-trailers since 2005, is a leading supplier in this field. During this period, it sold more than 2,500 tank cars.
We offer you to evaluate the quality that is worthy of respect.

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LTD "Trailer Ukraine" specializes in the implementation of the full range of services for the sale and subsequent maintenance of new and used commercial vehicles in Europe and Ukraine. And also, allows the acquisition of vehicles for leasing.
LTD "Trailer Ukraine"  company was founded in 2014. This name sounds on the market relatively recently, but the team of the company has experience in the field of commercial vehicles more than 15 years.
LTD "Trailer Ukraine"  is the official representative of the companies Dogan Yildiz, Ozgul, Guven, and in August 2014 with the official distributor of the Turkish plant for the production of semi-trailers ALIRIZAUSTA. Around the same time, an agreement was signed with the Polish company Polster.
Business of our company is built on providing customers with quality service, and this, in turn, involves coordinated work of all participants in the process. We love and know how to work with different people, in different circumstances, not always simple and positive. We never delegate responsibility and try to bring to the job is the unique contribution that can be characterized by only one expression, "you want to do better, do it yourself!"
We strive to do our job not just to us had no complaints - we enjoy a well-made things and achieve the desired result to the client.
In this case, the desire to learn and grow, allowing every day to improve the marketing companies to expand product categories and increase sales. In the context of a fairly stiff competition to create an effective marketing system makes the position of the company is very stable and competitive.
LTD "Trailer Ukraine" always deservedly occupies a leading position on the sales market than owes its personal interaction techniques, business acumen, extraordinary creativity and highly qualified experts of the company, sincerely loving his job.
Career growth in any organization is directly related to the mastery of new knowledge and skills, so our company as a good employer always offers its employees many opportunities and support development.
We welcome the "team spirit", the ability to communicate, not to lose self-control and performance in stressful situations. With personality, proven over the years working methods, with the help of active sales and oral training, we can always time to improve their skills of our employees in accordance with the new trends and the rapidly changing trends, allowing for a short period of time to learn a huge amount of product information, specifics of the business -process and technology work.
All these factors have helped to leave behind a lot of successfully completed projects. And of course a good impression of the productive work of our company in the memory of our esteemed customers.
The ability to always find a common language to work on multiple tasks at the same time, easy to get out of stressful situations, find constructive solutions and constantly learning within the company, established LTD "Trailer Ukraine", both proven experts in their field and responsible partners to which you want to return. Our company is an adherent of the optimistic views on life and our role in it. The responsibility for their actions, it is one of the main characteristics of the company. We are never afraid to raise the bar by performing more and more complex and interesting task. Always glad to cooperate to achieve the goals!

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