Aluminum cystic fibrosis-Millennium type

Aluminum cystic fibrosis-Millennium type

Semi-trailer tank design:

  • The tank has a millennium shape.
  • The tank is made of aluminum sheet, the wall thickness is 5 mm.
  • The tank is equipped with a ladder for climbing to the upper platform.
  • The cistern has a drain.
  • 2-4 manhole covers (diameter 450 mm).
  • 1 non-return valve for unloading cement.
  • Pressure gauge.
  • 1 air valve.
  • ERDEMIR plant Aluminum: https://www.erdemir.com.tr/homepage/

Semi-trailer compressor:

  • Electric-Piston/Screw.
  • The drive is electric. Operating pressure 2 bar, discharge valve and safety valve. Exhaust ports with pneumatic valve. The warranty for the compressors is 1 year.

Semi-trailer axles:

  • Semi-trailer axles.
  • The axles are made to European standards, pin 2" (50.8 mm), OMS supports, G. P. 24 tons each, one-way control two-speed control. Side protection according to EEC 89/297. Rear bumper according to EEC 97/19.
  • Number of axles – 3 pcs.
  • The maximum axle load of the semi-trailer is 12 tons.

Semi-trailer brake system:

  • The brake system of the semi-trailer is designed in accordance with European standards.
  • The semi-trailer brake system uses HALDEX or Wabco components.
  • The semi-trailer is equipped with an ABS or EBS system.According to the standards of EEC 97/12, double-circuit air brakes, 4s2m Wabco EBS.
  • HALDEX automatic brake regulator, Wabco emergency braking system.
  • As standard, drum-type brakes are installed on the semi-trailer.

Tires/rims: 385/65 R22. 5 size, BRIDGESTONE brand 11.75*22.5 size, JANTSA brand.

Support and rotary mechanism (pin) of the semi-trailer:

  • The semi-trailer slewing mechanism is made of hardened steel and can withstand double load according to SAE/DIN standards.
  • The design of the semi-trailer's pivot mechanism makes it possible to dismantle and replace it if necessary.

Semi-trailer electrical system:

  • The electrical system of the semi-trailer has a voltage of 24 V.
  • Two electrical outlets (24N/24S) and an ABS outlet on the front panel.
  • The 7-pin electrical connector is installed in the front of the semi-trailer (in a protected location).
  • All cables and electrical components of the electric system of the semi-trailer fully comply with all fire safety requirements.
  • The entire electrical system of the semi-trailer complies with European safety requirements.

Semi-trailer chassis:

  • The semi-trailer chassis is made of high-strength steel by automatic welding in an inert gas environment.
  • The semi-trailer chassis was designed for possible overloads.
  • The semi-trailer chassis has an axle stabilization system.

Painting: pre-cleaning of the surface by chemical means, a layer of epoxy primer, after - applying the paint of the color you need, it is possible to apply the client's logo. The tank is dried in a special chamber at 90°C.

Semi-trailer accessories:

  • 1 piece water tank.
  • 2 tool cabinets.
  • 2x inch drain hose 1 pc.
  • 1 pc cabinet for fire fighting tool.
  • Stairs for climbing to the upper platform.
  • 1 piece 6-meter discharge sleeve 4".
  • Working platform.

Warranty: One year.

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