Tanks for dark oil products - Bituminous trucks

Tanks for dark oil products - Bituminous trucks

Bituminous materials are specific substances, the transportation of which requires special equipment. Tank semi-trailers for the transport of bitumen (bitumen trucks) are ideal for these tasks. The equipment allows you to transport the following materials:

  • Bitumen.
  • Fuel oil.
  • Dark petroleum products.
  • Oil, etc.

Semi-trailer tank design:

  • Semi-trailer for transportation of dark oil products (bitumen)
  • Cross-Sectioncircular
  • Material kolbyzhaaroprochnaya steel withstanding a temperature of 250 C
  • Tank wall thickness 4 mm
  • The thickness of the bottoms is 6 mm
  • Operating temperature 250 C
  • Outer skinningalminyuvaya
  • Type of flask bottoms Spherical
  • Type of external bottomsHectorspherical
  • The thickness of the insulation is 100 mm , the type of insulation is mineral wool
  • Load-bearing constructionpod-rolling trolley
  • Steel hatch D500 in an ecological box with a drainage device, the hatch cover is tilted on the movement, the lid of the hatch and the ecological box are tilted 180 from the closed position.
  • Air valve 1, for air inlet and outlet
  • ERDEMIR plant steel: https://www.erdemir.com.tr/homepage/


  • Axles of the semi-trailer.
  • The axles are made to European standards, pin 2" (50.8 mm), OMS supports, G. P. 24 tons each, one-way control two-speed control. Side protection according to EEC 89/297. Rear bumper according to EEC 97/19
  • Number of axles -3 pcs.
  • The maximum axle load of the semi-trailer is 12 tons.
  • BPW Eco Plus load capacity 3 x 9000 kg (made in Germany),(option);
  • Drum brakes;
  • The first axis is the lifting one;
  • "z" - shaped parabolic springs, distance between axles 1320 mm
  • One lifting axle


  • Two-wire production of "Wabco", the drive of the parking brake from the energy accumulators on two axles.
  • Two-channel anti-lock braking system EBS "Wabco".
  • The system for locking the service brake system of the semi-trailer when draining fuel.
  • Three-axis pneumatic system.
  • Drum brake discs.
  • The support legs are 2x25 tons long.


  • Wiring harnesses for connecting elements of the lighting and alarm system.
  • Two rear combined lamps that perform the functions of marker lights, turn indicators, brake signals, fog lights, reverse lights and lighting of the state registration plate.
  • Two full-size lamps on a flexible base.
  • Two front marker lamps, combined with retroreflectors.
  • Eight side marker lights, with orange retroreflectors.
  • The two rear retroreflectors are red, triangular in shape, and are part of the rear combination lights.
  • The entire electrical system of the semi-trailer complies with European safety requirements.
  • All cables and electrical components of the electric system of the semi-trailer fully comply with all fire safety requirements.
  • ABS socket, two seven-terminal, one fifteen-terminal, ADR class 3.


  • Drum, tubeless 6+1 wheels.
  • Tires, brand Bridgestone or similar, dimension 385/65 R22,5 – 6+1 pcs.
  • Steel wheels 11, 75x22, 5-6+1 piece.


  • Pre-cleaning of the surface by chemical means, a layer of epoxy primer, after-applying the paint of the desired color. The tank is dried in a special chamber at 90°C.

Drain system:

  • Sleeve boxes 2 metal boxes with top loading and lid.
  • The diameter of the drain, the location of the drain is 100 mm, at the back.
  • KAMLOK type quick-release drain fitting.
  • Shut-off valve shut-off valve with manual control on the right.
  • Duplicate cranshar, with one-way control on the right.

Support and rotary mechanism (pin) of the semi-trailer:

  • The semi-trailer slewing mechanism is made of hardened steel and can withstand double load according to SAE/DIN standards.
  • The design of the semi-trailer's pivot mechanism makes it possible to dismantle and replace it if necessary.
  • The height of the pin plate is 1250 mm.
  • OMS pin.

Semi-trailer accessories:

  • Side protection 2-rail side bumpers.
  • Location of the trapezoid around the filler neck and along the entire length of the barrel.
  • Lifting of handrails is pneumatic with manual control from the ground.
  • Working platform.
  • Anti-rollback stop - 1 pc.
  • The spare wheel mounting bracket.
  • Mudguards made of hard plastic 6 pcs.
  • Side and rear bumpers.

Warranty: One year.

The price includes production, pre-sale preparation, international shipping by Ferryincoterms 2010, insurance, port forwarding, customs clearance, transportation in Ukraine, certification, entering into the AIS database, VAT, warranty service.. Payment by bank transfer in UAH.

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