Mercedes-Benz 240 L

Mercedes-Benz 240 L

mcv240rMultifunctional suburban bus is optimal for long-distance routes with receive up to 32 seats..

Technical characteristics


Model: Daimler OF-914 RF chassis.


Model: Daimler 4D34I BSIII (EURO ΙΙΙ).
Operating method: 4-stroke diesel with direct-injection and turbo charging engine.
Number of cylinders: 4
Arrangement of cylinders: In-line.
Displacement: 3.907Cm3
Output Power: 100 kW at 2500 revolutions per minute
Maximum Torque: 420 NM at 1200 rpm
Clutch type and model: Single - dry plate with hydraulic drive / B8080
Electrically heated fuel filter Seperator.


Model: M036S6

Type: Manual - 6 Forward fully synchronized.

Suspension and Axles:

Front Axle: Semi-elliptical leaf spring.
Rear Axle: Semi-elliptical leaf spring.

Disks and the tires:
Drives: 6,0 X 17.5
Tires: 215 / 75R17.5


Model: RANE HFB64.


Capacitance: 200 liters with 1 Fuel gauge RHS.

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