TRAILER grain V-shaped type 11

TRAILER grain V-shaped type 11


PURPOSE semitrailer:

  • Transportation of dry bulk cargoes.


  • Volume semitrailer - 40-45 m³.
  • Ves7500-8000kg - / + 3%
  • The distance between the two axles of the semitrailer - 1330 mm.
  • The height of the seat - on request

CONSTRUCTION semitrailer:

  • The tank has a V-shape.
  • Cistern made: - from 37 St, wall thickness - 4 mm;
  • The tank has a platform with a handrail;
  • The tank is equipped with a ladder for lifting the upper platform;
  • The tank has a drain; 2 sunroof closed awning;
  • Unloading wake a barrel through the hatch opening is controlled by pneumatic valves.


  • Electrical semi-trailer has a voltage of 24 V.
  • 7-pin electrical connector mounted in the front part of the semitrailer (protected area).
  • All cables and electrical elements of the electrical system of the semi-trailer fully comply with all fire safety regulations.
  • The entire electrical system of the semitrailer conforms to the European safety requirements.

CHASSIS Semi-trailer:

  • The chassis of the semitrailer is made of high strength steel by automatic welding under inert gas.
  • The chassis of the semitrailer has been designed based on the potential overload.
  • Chassis semi-trailer has a system of axes stabilization.

AXLE Semi-trailer:

  • semi-trailer axles are manufactured in accordance with European, ÖZKOÇ brand.
  • Number of axles - 3 pieces.
  • Maximum load on the semi-trailer axle is 12 tons.


  • Semitrailer brake system is designed in accordance with European standards.
  • The braking system of the semi-trailer used KNORR components.
  • Semi-equipped EBS system.
  • The brake system of the semi-trailer has a mechanically adjustable valve load.
  • The standard semi-trailer mounted brake drum

Slewing Mechanism (PIN The) Semi-trailer:

  • The support legs 25 ton 2 pcs Brand OMS
  • Slewing mechanism of a semi-trailer is made of hardened steel and can withstand a double burden on the SAE / DIN standards.
  • The design of the semi-trailer slewing mechanism allows its removal and replacement if necessary.

AKSESUARІ semitrailer:

  • Slewing mechanism of a semi-trailer is made of hardened steel and can withstand a double burden on the SAE / DIN standards.
  • working platform; 2 boxes for instruments;
  • ladder climb to the upper platform;

The price includes the production, pre-sale preparation, international delivery paromomINCOTERMS 2010, insurance, freight forwarding in the port, customs clearance, transportation in Ukraine, certification, introduction of AIS base, VAT, warranty service. Payment by bank transfer in local currency.

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