Semitrailer-container carrier

Semitrailer-container carrier

The company "Trailer Ukraine" offers to buy a container semitrailer, the functionality, reliability and technical characteristics of which meet the most stringent modern requirements.

Main technical characteristics of container semitrailer

Semi-trailer chassis:

  • The semi-trailer suspension is pneumatic (the pneumatic system of the dump truck semi-trailer consists of a lifting, lowering and height adjustment system, parabolic springs and shock absorbers).

  • The chassis of the semi-trailer is made of high-strength steel by automatic welding in an inert gas environment.

  • The chassis of the semi-trailer was designed taking into account possible overloads.

  • The semi-trailer chassis has an axle stabilization system.

Semi-trailer axles:

  • The semi-trailer axles are manufactured in accordance with European standards.
  • The maximum axle load of the semi-trailer is 9/12 tons. Axle brand - SAF Intradisc Plus Integral CD.
  • The front axle is lifting.

Brake system:

  • The braking system of the semitrailer is designed in accordance with European standards.
  • The braking system of the semitrailer uses Wabco components.
  • The semi-trailer is equipped with the EBS system.
  • The braking system of the semitrailer has a mechanically adjustable load valve.

Semi-trailer parking mechanism:

  • The semitrailer is equipped with mechanical arms that can withstand a load of up to 24 tons. ОМS brand 2 pcs.

Semi-trailer tires:

  • The semi-trailer has 6 tubeless tires of dimension 385/65 R22.5.
  • The brand of tires installed on the semitrailer as standard is BRİDGESTONE.

Discs: Size 11.75 * 22.5 JANTSA brand 6 + 1 pc.

Semi-trailer slewing mechanism (pivot):

  • The semi-trailer slewing ring is made of hardened steel and can withstand double SAE / DIN loads.
  • The design of the semi-trailer slewing support mechanism allows it to be dismantled and replaced if necessary.

Semi-trailer electrical system:

  • The electric system of the semitrailer has a voltage of 24 V.
  • All cables and electrical elements of the semitrailer electrical system fully comply with all fire safety requirements.
  • The entire electrical system of the semitrailer complies with European safety requirements.

Additional options for the semi-trailer:

  • Removable rear bumper.
  • Plastic Barrel for water - 2 pcs. constipation.
  • Fire fighting equipment box.

Semi-trailer painting:

  • Before painting, all metal surfaces of the tipper semi-trailer were cleaned with high pressure abrasive and degreased.
  • The quality and durability of the dump truck semitrailer paintwork is ensured by drying in a special chamber.
  • All surfaces of the dump truck semitrailer exposed to aggressive environmental influences have undergone anti-corrosion treatment.
  • The customer has the opportunity to buy a container semitrailer painted in any color of his choice.

Quality assurance for a semitrailer:

  • All semi-trailers have a 1 year factory warranty.

Trailer Ukraine LLC provides an opportunity to buy a container semitrailer at a price that includes absolutely all costs (production, pre-sale preparation, international delivery by ferry INCOTERMS 2010, insurance, forwarding in the port, customs clearance, transportation in Ukraine, certification, entry into AIS base, VAT, warranty service). Payment is made by bank transfer in UAH.


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