Semi-container 12

Semi-container 12

Main Specifications semitrailer container

Сhassis semitrailer:контейнеровоз

  • Podveska semi-Pneumatic (Pneumatic system Tipper semi sostoyt IZ podъema system, depressions and Adjustment vыsotы, parabolic ressor and amortyzatorov).
  • Chassis semi yzhotovleno IZ vыsokoprochnoy began by automatic contention in the environment ynertnoho gas.
  • That was the chassis semi skonstruyrovano in raschete on vozmozhnыe Transshipment.
  • Ymeet chassis semi-trailer stabilization system axes.

Wasps semi:

  • Wasps semi yzhotovlenы evropeyskymy in accordance with the standards.
  • Maximum load on the semi here sostavljaet 9/12 tons. Axle make - ÖZKOÇ / BPW / SAF / GİGANT
  • Perednyaya here podъemnaya


  • Semi Tormoznaya system is designed in accordance with the evropeyskymy standards.
  • In tormoznoy semi yspolzuyutsya System Components KNORR.
  • Semitrailer oborudovan systemoy EBS.
  • Tormoznaya system semi ymeet rehulyruemыy valve mechanical load.

STOYANOCHNЫY semi Mechanism:

  • Semitrailer oborudovan mechanical legs, vыderzhyvayuschymy the load to 24 tons. Mark OMS 2 pcs.

Tires semitrailer:

  • Semitrailer ymeet 6 beskamernыh razmernosty tires 385/65 R22,5
  • Mark pokrыshek, ustanavlyvaemыh to standard semi - BRİDGESTONE.


  • Size 11.75 * 22.5 mark JANTSA 6 + 1 pc.

Support-rotary mechanism (SHKVOREN) semitrailer:

  • Support-semi-rotary mechanism yzhotovlen IZ zakalennoy steel, and the load on vыderzhyvaet dvoynuyu standards SAE / DIN.
  • Constructions supporting semi-rotary mechanism allows us productionodit ego dismantling and replacement when necessary.


  • Эlektrosystema semi ymeet voltage of 24 V. All cables and elements of electrical systems эlektrycheskaya semi sootvetstvuyut everybody completely the requirements of fire safety.
  • All semi эlektrycheskaya system corresponds to the requirements of Evropeyskym security.


  • Removable rear bumper. - Plastmassnaya barrels of water - 2 pcs. constipation - box pozharnoho equipment

Coating semitrailer:

  • Before all pokraskoy Metallic surface Tipper semi bыly ochyschenы abrasive Under high pressure and obezzhyrenы.
  • Quality and Durability lakokrasochnoho pavement Tipper semi obespechyvaetsya in sushkoy, special cameras.
  • All surface Tipper semitrailer, podverzhennыe aggressively Impact External environment, passed antykorrozyynuyu processing.
  • Tipper semitrailer to the customer wish Can bыt okrashen in lyubыe rastsvetky.
  • Warranty quality semi ON:

Warranty quality semi ON:

  • All Semi-trailers ymeyut zavodskuyu Warranty Term 1 hour Or Distance 100000 km.

Included in Tsenu Production, Preparation predprodazhnaya, mezhdunarodnaya delivery paromomINCOTERMS 2010, insurance, forwarding a port tamozhennaya treatment, transportyrovka in Ukraine, certification, vnesenye base in AIS, NDS, harantyynoe Maintenance . Payment by beznalychnomu calculation in local currency.


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