The tank - semitrailer type DM-LPG, 45m3

The tank - semitrailer type DM-LPG, 45m3


Designed for the transportation of liquefied hydrocarbon gases:

  • Axle type SAF Intradisc Plus Integral CD.
  • Volume: 45 cubic meters
  • Unladen weight transport option: 12.500 +/- 150 Kg.
  • Unladen weight variant with sect. system: 12.900 +/- 150 Kg.
  • Cargo capacity: 21.400 kg, 22.500 kg.
  • Gross weight: 34.000 kg.
  • Undercarriage load max .: 24.000 kg.
  • Base plate height: 1.150 mm.
  • Axle load: 8 t.
  • Capacity: 45 M3.
  • Cross-sectional shape - cylindrical: Fi 2250 mm.
  • Test pressure: 2.5 MPa.

Material used in the manufacture of the tank:

  • Low-alloy carbon steel P355 GH / NH / NL (GOST 19281-89).
  • Tank wall thickness: 10 mm.
  • Tank bottom thickness: 12 mm.
  • Corrosion tolerance: 1 mm.

Work system:

  • Loading the semitrailer through external equipment.
  • Gravitational unloading.


  • 2 "bottom valve of the vapor phase, controlled by the hydraulic valve - 2 pieces (DURULSAN).
  • 3 "Vapor phase bottom valve, controlled by hydraulic valve - 1 piece (DURULSAN).
  • Unloader valve 3 1/4 "ACME.
  • Loading valve 3 1/4 "ACME.
  • Gas phase valve 13/4 "ACME.
  • Unloader valve 3 1/4 "ACME.
  • Bottom valve control unit assembly.
  • Fittings cabinet on the right side of the trailer with lighting, stainless steel.
  • Thermometer (-30 / 60˚C) Ø 63 - 1 pc PAKKENS.
  • Glycerine manometer (0-25 bar) Ø 63 - PAKKENS.
  • Inspection hatch DN500.
  • Rotating level indicator -1 pc (DURULSAN).
  • HydraulicOperator - 1 pc (DURULSAN).

Dispensing system

  • Pump.
  • Manufacturer CORKEN Z200 LGL3E type with 2 "rating.
  • Performance approx. 280 l / min.

Measuring equipment

  • Reel drum with hose for liquid phase.
  • Hose 15 m long (up to 40 m possible) with inner diameter DN 32 with gun.
  • 1¾ "ACME, pneumatic retraction control.

Welding method:

  • All welders are certified according to EN287-1: 2004.
  • SAW: frame - body.
  • GTAW + SMAW: tank - nozzles.
  • TIG: pipes - fittings, flanges.
  • Welding works are carried out in accordance with WPS and PQR's confirmed by an independent audit.

Heat treatment:

  • Bottom processing to relieve metal stress.
  • Only the convex bottom of the tank undergoes stress relief by annealing. Calcination occurs at a temperature of 600 degrees.


  • Barriers 3 pcs.

Semi-trailer specification:

  • The chassis is made of 6252 steel, type DEMONTABLE.

Suspension (AXIS):

  • SAF Intradisc Plus Integral CD.
  • Air suspension.
  • Drum brake system two-line production "WABCO", parking brake drive from power accumulators on two axles.
  • Braking system two-line pneumatic ABS "WABCO".
  • The first axle is lifting.

Supporting devices:

  • OMS supports, two-speed, load 25t each.

Tires: 385x65x22.5 Goodyear 6 + 1 pc, steel rims 11.75x22.5 - 6 + 1 pc.

Mudguards: Plastic Domar.

Coupling device: JOST saddle, plate thickness 12 mm and will be reinforced min. 3 +2 mm. steel 160 NPU. Finger 2 ".

Electrical equipment: 24 V, European standard electrical system. (ADR) 2 brake lights on the rear bumper, 5 lights on each side of the tank (SABA).

Reflectors: Yellow stripe along both sides of the tank, red stripe on the rear bumper.


  • 1 steel bumper.
  • 1 water tank (made of plastic, 30 l).
  • 2 basket for a spare tire.
  • 2 units recoil shoe.
  • 1 box for fire extinguishers.
  • 1 steel box for products and tools.

Processing and painting:

  • Surface preparation class SA2.5 outside the container.
  • The target surface cleanliness index is 50 - 70Rz.

Painting works:

  • Primary painting / priming with epoxy paint - coating thickness 180 microns; second layer - high resistance acrylic polyurethane base layer - coating thickness 70 microns; the last coat of the tank is painted in white RAL 9010.
  • Possibility of painting and customer's logo.


  • All semi-trailers are manufactured in compliance with European quality standards.
  • The tightness of the tank against leaks is 1 year.
  • Axles - 1 year.

At Trailer Ukraine LLC you can buy a semitrailer for a gas carrier at a price that already includes all costs (pre-sale preparation, delivery costs to Ukraine and to the customer's address, obtaining a certificate, etc.). Any additional payments are completely excluded. The guarantee of reliability is that our offer to buy a semitrailer for a gas carrier is accompanied by the provision of a complete photo report on a specific product.

The price includes production, pre-sale preparation, international delivery by ferry INCOTERMS 2010, insurance, forwarding at the port, customs clearance, transportation in Ukraine, certification, entry into the AIS database, VAT, warranty service. Payment by bank transfer in UAH.

Readiness for shipment is confirmed by an official notification and a photo report.

Terms of production and delivery of goods: 15 working days.


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